Blazeman Warriors,

You have a unique opportunity to race in the sold out Westchester Triathlon on September 23! This is an olympic distance event with strong ties to ALS awareness and fundraising.

15 slots are available to Blazeman Warriors, with the entry fee, and slot fundraisers benefiting the Blazeman Foundation for ALS. The entry fee for the Blazeman Warrior slots is $250; fundraising goal is $500. Race information can be found at . Please email Kevin Long at to purchase your slot.

Team Blazeman continues to grow and the War On ALS is gaining strength in numbers every day. Thank you for your support and commitment.

strength & honor,
Karen Duffy
Blazeman Foundation

Click Here For A Spreadsheet Of Where Blazeman Warriors Are Going To Be This Summer...

Blazeman Warriors,

Even in the midst of grief the army is growing stronger each day. The War On ALS is gaining strength and it is our turn to pick up the torch that Jonathan lit in 2005. You all now have the Blazeman on the course with you.

Big news:

Blazeman Warriors can join Team Blazeman through and this link:

Please take the time to register online and use the discount code: BLZ2007WARR. This discount code is for you warriors for your loyalty and fundraising efforts, and will allow you to get your gear and online fundraising webpages set up. You can also get to the registration page from

June events:

Blazeman Warriors were racing and doing the Blazeman roll this past weekend. Pro Matt Reed log rolled across the finish line at Escape From Alcatraz on Sunday and then raised over $6000 from a raffle and talk he gave at the Sports Basement in San Francisco on Monday.

Warriors on the Battlefields:

June 10-- Eagleman 70.3 and Baja 70.3 events.
Eagleman promises to be a day that will be noted in history as we officially rollout Team Blazeman. The first Blazeman Spirit award will be presented and this year's Eagleman 70.3 race is dedicated in memory to Jonathan "Blazeman" Blais. There are nine Blazeman Warriors that I know of competing at Eagleman, and other warriors will be manning the Team Blazeman-War On ALS booth at the expo. You can get uniforms and other gear right there!

June 24--IM Coeur d'Alene. There are five Blazeman Warriors racing for the War On ALS.

Also on June 24 is the OC Blazeman--The Ryan family of southern California is putting on this triathlon and I encourage anyone who can to get there and race. Please visit to enter.

First official donation:
The first official donation of the Blazeman Foundation was presented to Dr. Jonathan Glass at the Emory ALS Center. Brian and Kevin Duffy presented a check for $10,200 to Dr. Glass which was the total proceeds of the Blazeman Warrior 5K Run/Walk in Cumming, GA. Tell the world---we are here; we are focused and strong; we are changing the face of ALS! Below is a research update from Dr. Glass.

Dr. Glass received a second grant from the NIH to investigate and develop protein biomarkers for ALS. This is a collaborative effort with Dr. Junmin Peng in the Emory Department of Genetics, who is an internationally recognized leader in the field of proteomics. The research team will investigate changes in proteins that correlate with the onset and progression of ALS in mice, and then in humans. The goal is to discover markers of disease that can be used for accurate diagnosis of ALS and for monitoring of progression of disease, which will be quite useful for future clinical trials in ALS.

Thank you for your emails, letters, cards, blogs and web posts, and your outpouring of support for the Blais family this past week. It means more than you know and they, and we at the Blazeman Foundation are grateful.

Let us know where you are racing and don't forget your battle cry---FREEDOM!

Strength & Honor,
Karen Duffy
Blazeman Foundation
E-Mail Karen

Monday, May 21st, 2007


I did the Disney 70.3 yesterday. Saturday I received word that you had overcome another hurdle in your journey and were heading home. It gave me such strength and drive for the race on Sunday. Little did I know that that strength and courage would be more than I ever needed at any race I had done before and not in the way I had expected to need it. My goal was to go 5:30:00 maybe better if I was feeling good. My past records with ½ Ironmen have been around the 5:45 mark with an exceptional race a few years ago at Eagleman where I went 5:23 with a 2:29 bike split. I know this is all relative to the individual and this is what makes our sport so great.

So my goal in this race was to go about 2:40 on the bike, 40 min on the swim and 2 hrs on the run. Add in transitions and we have that magical 5:30 number. Well I was out of the water in 40 minutes and I was averaging 21 – 22 mph on the bike until mile 35. It was then that the BLAZEMAN courage necessity kicked in. I went into Gastro Distress and I was not sure why. I felt like I had a bad stomach virus. The next 5 miles were torture and I finally decided to stop riding and get ride of everything inside of me (throw up). I wound up doing that 2 more times over the last 20 miles and finished the bike in 2:53.

Now the run started with nothing in my stomach and feeling pretty lightheaded. I asked myself if I wanted to do this or just drop out since I am scheduled to do Alcatraz in two weeks. I then thought about my family, and my son who was at the race with my dad waiting for me to cross the finish line with him. I then thought about you and how you would trade positions with me in a second even if you were at your worst to be able to race again. I decided to move on since there is no guarantee that I will be at Alcatraz in two weeks. This is what took me from 14 min miles to 10 min miles at the end of the run.

My final time was 6:26 – not even close to where I wanted to finish but it was one of the most rewarding finish line crossings, with my son that I have ever experienced.

You are touching people all over the world and I just wanted to let you know that. I live in Naples, Florida and work in Bonita Springs and would love to drop by and say hello if you feel up to it. Keep up the good fight as there are many people out there including me that will keep your legacy alive and well until we beat this disease.

Thanks for being you and sharing your story with the world. Your impact is and will be HUGE on ALS.

Lee Mambuca
Naples, Florida


Here’s a great fundraising idea from Blazeman Warrior Jennifer Tebbetts—Jennifer is competing in the Eagleman 70.3 on June 10. She is soliciting 70 people to donate $70 each toward this event. As Jennifer is body marked on race day she will also write the names of the 70 (or more) people who are donating. I can’t wait to see the pictures!

Speaking of Eagleman—It promises to be an amazing day for both competition and the War On ALS. Make sure to stop by the Team Blazeman booth at the expo and get your new uniforms and other gear. Check Eagleman and the Columbia Triathlon (May 20) out at .

#179– Request bib number 179 for ALL races that you register for---5Ks, 10Ks, Marathons, and tris. You will feel the power as you ‘blaze’ the course with the number that represents courage and determination.

Team Blazeman athletes are everywhere and rolling across finish lines! The following are those that I’m aware of in the next few weeks. West Coast Warriors---please send me your upcoming events!


Saturday-May 12, 2007

Gulf Coast 70.3 ---James Wuestse and Kendall Wueste competing
Clemson Sprint ---Mike and Brian Duffy competing
Cure Is Coming Walk ---Webmaster Cliff and Vicki Karten attending

Sunday-May 20, 2007

FLORIDA 70.3 ---David Knight & Coonbottom Tri Club
Bob Mitera
Kimberly Hagar

MAD BEACH TRI ---Marc Vallin



Sunday-May 27, 2007

IM BRAZIL ---Karen O’Riordan

The Blazeman Foundation would like to thank Matty Reed—2008 Olympic Hopeful and 2007 St. Anthony’s winner and record breaker for his continued support of the War On ALS. Matt shared the thoughts of all of us in an upcoming article.

“…I wanted to use my talents to help fight ALS. I want to help Jon Blais raise awareness and funds so we can beat this disease. I take his strength and courage with me every time I take the starting line. It makes my career that much more passionate to race for the Blazeman Foundation.”
Matt will be defending his title at Escape from Alcatraz in June and will be raising money and awareness for the War On ALS while he is there.

Thank you all for being in the army; for creating awareness, for raising money, for your passion to stop ALS. Send us your stories, your calendars, your photos---remember to "get it on film." The Blazeman’s physical voice may not be what it used to be, but his "voice" will always be heard through his Blazeman Warriors on the battlefields---

So Others May Live

Karen Duffy
The Blazeman Foundation
P.O. Box 19292
Boulder, CO 80308


Blazeman Warriors,
Here are some updates on recent events and where to find your Team Blazeman athletes in the next few weeks.

Roger Drews, Rich Higgs, and the Mathers brothers competed at IM Arizona for Team Blazeman
Blazeman Warriors Dave Galli and Brian DeFrancesco completed the Salt Lake City marathon on April 21.
The inaugural Blazeman Warrior 5K in Georgia drew a crowd of many Blazeman Warriors from the Atlanta and surrounding area and raised $10,000 for ALS research.
Mary Lassiter and the Emerald City Multisport Triathlon Club are in the middle of clinics that are raising money for the War On

Saturday-April 28, 2007

St. Anthony’s Triathlon, St. Petersburg, FL---Matt Reed competing
Tri the Parks, John Tanner, Carollton, GA ---Mike and Brian Duffy competing
Scott Carlson Memorial 5K, Warwick, RI ---webmaster Cliff and Vicki Karten attending

Saturday-May 12, 2007

Cure For Life Walk, Lexington, MA ---webmaster Cliff and Vicki Karten attending

Sunday-May 20, 2007

IM 70.3 Florida, Orlando, FL ---David Knight

Sunday, June 3

Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon ---Matt Reed and Jim Wueste competing

Sunday, June 10

Eagleman 70.3, Cambridge, MD ---Brian Breen will wear #179, also competing are Fabrice LeDet, Brent Lentz, and Jennifer Tebetts.

These are the athletes that I’m aware of---let us know if you will be at one of these events and others that are coming up on your race calendars.


Thank you for your commitment to the War On ALS. Please email any updates and changes to the Foundation at

Saturday, March 31st

Blazeman Warriors,
The Blazeman Foundation is thankful for all of you athletes across the country that have joined the army and the War On ALS. Some of you are already racing and others deep into training plans. We wanted to give you an update on upcoming events and also on the Blazeman's health.

March 31
Check your local TV listings for the NBC broadcast of the Ford Ironman 70.3 World Championship that was held in Clearwater, FL last November. The special is to be shown from 2:00pm-3:00pm EST. The Blazeman was in Clearwater for the event and there were several Blazeman Warriors who competed that day, including John Wolski, Debbie Ragals, and Robert Vigorito (the Vigorman) who all log rolled across the finish line for ALS.

April 14
The Blazeman Warrior 5K will take place in Cumming, GA. If you are near the Atlanta area we'd love to have you participate. Go to for race details.

April 15

  • IM Arizona
    A couple of Blazeman Warriors competing: Roger Drews, and Rich Higgs.
  • North Carolina Triathlon Series (NCTS): Patrick Farwell is competing in the NCTS on behalf of Team Blazeman. To join Blazeman Warrior Patrick at these events go to

The 2007 Spin A Thon was a huge success with over fifteen locations raising close to $50,000 for the Blazeman Foundation! Last weekend there was a Spin A Thon in Cary, NC and I hear others are scheduled for future dates. If you could not host or participate in February there may be one in your area before 2008.

March 24 was also the Red Hills Triathlon in Tallahassee, FL where many Blazeman Warriors competed. David Knight and his Coonbottom Tri Club were there, as was Kristie Klein and her Team Gey--44 athletes! All were racing, raising money, and making noise about the War on ALS. Photos from this event will be on the site soon.

Jon Blais' ALS is progressing rapidly. He can no longer use his computer due to the tremors in his muscles, but his parents keep him informed of all the notes and correspondence from Team Blazeman Warriors. It is a difficult time and I ask that you keep the Blazeman and his family in your prayers. Jon has great difficulty speaking--it is up to all of us to use our voices and healthy bodies to fight this war to end ALS.

We are taking orders for Team Blazeman gear. You can place your order at Additionally, we’d like to put the events that Blazeman Warriors are doing on the events page. Let us know what races are on your calendars. The Blazeman Foundation is here to help you and support your hard work in fundraising efforts as well. We are grateful for you commitment to the War on ALS.

Karen Duffy
The Blazeman Foundation
P.O. Box 19292
Boulder, CO 80308

Schedule For Blazeman Warrior Matt Reed


  • Lifetime Fitness Triathlon


  • Escape from Alcatraz
  • ITU World Cup Vancouver
  • ITU World Cup Des Moines
  • ITU World Cup Edmonton


  • 20- USA Professional/Elite Nationals


  • 29- St Anthony's triathlon

Saturday, March 24

  • Emily Archibald is hosting a Spin A Thon at Inside Out Sports in Cary, NC
  • Blazeman Warriors are competing in the Red Hills Triathlon in Tallahassee, FL on Saturday. David Knight is a Detective in Tallahassee whose cousin has ALS. He's been raising money and his website rocks! Check it out at .

  • Kristie Klein is an attorney in Atlanta and has a team of 44 athletes---Team Gey---who are also doing Red Hills. Their professor, Steven Gey was recently diagnosed with ALS. You can check out their site at:

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