Friday, April 20th, 2007

It was great seeing you at the ESA Awards. You are amazing! I hope you enjoyed the photos. The kids are all so proud of you and the cause. The kids think of you often. They have seen the Jon Blais "Conrac" Award and for once, they cannot think of anyone who meets those standards and criteria. I miss you! Zena the princess warrior says hello.

Yoe Kusumoto

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Hi Jon,

Thinking of you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Sunday, April 15th, 2007


I think the site is awesome. If this goes to the Blazeman tell him that I Tyler one of his former students says hi and I wish him to get better. Jon and I miss him!!! He was the best teacher I've ever had.

Sincerely your's,
Tyler Melton

Friday, February 16th, 2007

Hello Mr. Blais,

Jon and I wanted to drop you a note to say hi. Jonís still doing very well at Grossmont High School and has even maintained a 4.0 grade point average during part of the year. (That helped with him getting a discount on Car insurance!) Yes, Jon is now driving. He will have his license in a few more months when he completes his hours.

Last night, Jon and I took a ride down to Bogart Yogurt in Pacific Beach. Jon has never stopped talking about that place, since you took him there about 4 years ago. This was my first trip there and I have to agree with Jon that you have very good tastes in food. I appreciate that you introduced him to so many new things on your excursions during summer school.

Hope you are doing well and we would like to keep in touch.

Karen (& Jon) Gray

Dear Johnny,

I miss you soo much being our teacher!!!! you tught me in middle school, elementary and high school!!! What a load of crap to have to deal with!!! I have been doing well at my public high school. You taught me soo much and i am soo freaking greatful!!! I wish you were a teacher at Aseltine again!!! Though i dont go there anymore, i still think it would be really nice to have a teacher like you to have around there. you were like our inspiration. mine at least. i have been eating alot healthier and behaving better also. and i have tried to stop torturing the boys. its soo hard. you are like the angel of that place and im really gonna miss seein you. im at school and i gotta go. BYE!!!!!!!!!!

Tiana Dashawn Webb

Mr. Blais,

My son, Isaac Molina, had the great opportunity to have been a part of your classes at Aseltine. I wanted to take a moment to let you know that you were an amazing role model and mentor to him. I cannot begin to say Thank You for the lessons you taught him far and beyond academics.

Isaac and I visited your website recently, and Isaac had tears in his eyes when he realized that you actually had him on there. To him that made it clear that the time he had with you was not just teacher/student based, but that you actually cared and took a sincere interest in him as an individual. We were both touched and extremely grateful that you chose to keep a little bit of Isaac with you through your website.

I remember quite clearly that during one of Isaac's IEPs, Isaac was having a hard time sitting still and sitting straight up in his chair. I remember seeing you give him a little nod and then you folded your hands in front of you, showing Isaac that he should do the same. I cannot put in words what I felt at that moment, other than to say that it was such a warm and comforting feeling knowing that Isaac had you as his teacher. I was so relieved and happy to know that he had someone so caring and patient to look up to.

As you may know, Isaac now attends Valhalla High full time. It is fair to say that he struggles to maintain passing grades, and more often that not, Isaac needs an extra push to get his homework done. However, because of you and the wonderful people at Aseltine, he is now equipped to handle the challenge. With the tools you helped him develop, Isaac has been able to proudly step into his new surroundings with the knowledge that HE CAN!

Thank you again so very much for all the time you spent with my son and all the other children at Aseltine. Your gift of kindness and your genuinely warm heart were just what the doctor ordered. I pray that your life will be full of love, hope and kindness... and that you will be surrounded with people as special as you are.

God Bless You,
Claudia Block
(Isaac's Mom)

Issac & Jon
Dear Jon,

It's me. Isaac. How have you been? I heard you got my mail and you replied to it!! I was so happy!! It's so great. I'm finally in public school. Valhalla full time, baby!! I'm a sophmore now, it's hard but i have to do it! I went to my first prom with an actual date. That's right, a girlfriend. Her name is Aurorah, and she's the most wonderful person. We've been together for 8 months,and we're still going!! I finally got to go to the comic-con! Me, my best friends, and my girlfriend went there together. We had so much fun, I dresssed up and everything. And also, I posted this story online and I've been getting so much positive feedback, and if this keeps up by the end of the story, then I'm gonna try to get it published. I've met so many friends and i'm taking a digital arts class. I'm learning everything from Flash to Dreamweaver. That's right, I know how to make sites now!!! And I can make them out of Flash too. I miss Aseltine but most of all I miss you!! i want to see you again someday, even if it is in heaven. I'm glad that you were my teacher. You're a really great guy, and a special person to me. Any thoughts otherwise is just bogus. Here's the pic of you and me. and a couple of pics of me and my girlfreind and my best friends at comic-con and my date at the prom. You're the greatest and like I said, meet you again down the road, even in heaven. Until then, I'm going to utilize your teachings and make it in this dog-eat-dog world. Thanks for everything.

Isaac Molina



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