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Brian Breen

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Tuesday, October 10th, The Crazy Irishman, Breen Talks About His Upcoming Battle In Kona.    
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My name is Brian Breen, I'm 31 years old, and I live in the South Suburbs of Chicago, IL. On April 17th I received a lottery bid to the 2006 Ford Ironman World Championship in Kona. Taking on an Ironman is an enormous challenge for anyone, especially a fairly new triathlete like myself...then add that I had 6 months to go and I was overweight and out of shape.

But I had an incredible amount of inspiration... Anyone who watched the 2005 Ford Ironman Triathlon World Championship this past year had to be moved by what Jonathan Blais "THE BLAZEMAN" did in Kona... despite battling the onset of ALS.

Somehow I stumbled upon his website, and I began to read and learn more about Jon Blais. And I was inspired even more. I read about Brian Duffy, the 12 year old who was one of the first members of Team Blazeman. Brian and his brother Kevin have become Blazeman Warriors, and through their actions they have inspired people like myself…to get involved.

I suggest you also take a moment to check out Blazeman's entire website... Check out "Faces and Places"... and you'll see a man who's sucked the marrow of life and lived Carpe Diem to it's full meaning. Take a look at "Click here for Hope", and read the words and philosophies that he's collected and been inspired to write over a lifetime. Look at “Aseltine School” to see the kids who’s lives he worked to improve as a teacher. If you have time, check it all out. Those specific parts of the site I mentioned are the things I keep going back to again and again and again. And the more I do, the more this whole experience for me becomes not just about waging a War on ALS, but also about a man by the name of Jon Blais, whose story is inspiring people around the entire world to get up and live, chase their dreams, and realize that this whole thing is so damn short... and beautiful... you've got to get passionate, and you've got to grab it now, while its all in front of your face...while you still can.

I contacted the Blais family, and they explained to me just how little funds and research have gone towards the War on ALS. So I told them I would do what I could. This disease has gone too long without even so much as a fight... but it's got a fight on it's hands now with THE BLAZEMAN, THE ALS WARRIOR POETS, and TEAM BLAZEMAN.

ALS patients are given 2-5 years to live, and 17 more die every single day. Let's raise enough money to win this War and cure this thing NOW!!!

Brian Breen Waged His WAR ON ALS Wearing Team Blazeman Tri-Gear In His 2006 Kona Debut.

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Saturday, October 14th, 2006


Thanks for the kind words about the book. Regarding the final week, remember that it’s ALL optional. Always, always, always, err on the side of recovery. I’d simply insert a day or two off in the final 5 to 6-days and make sure that you’re not doing more than two workouts a day when you’re training. Final long run of 50 to 60-minutes by today (Saturday) and final long ride of no more than 2.5 to 3-hours done by Sunday. The final long swim, can be as close as Monday but no closer. The rest is short and easy. If you want to give me your idea for what you’re final 7-days should look like, I’d be happy to look at it and give you my two cents. Remember, during any taper, when in doubt, go shorter, easier, and/or not at all.

I love the fact that Jon Blais is considering honoring us with his presence at the Underpants Run. The run is Thursday morning starting at 8am at Pacific Vibrations. We look forward to seeing both of you there – it should be a fun 20-minutes of mayhem and idiocy.

Keep well,


Paul Huddle
Ironman North America
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Saturday, October 14th, 2006


Just thought I'd try you again. I'm sure things are very busy for you right now.

It's Brian Breen, the one who's e-mailed you and read your book this whole summer. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate all the help you've given me with my training, it's really helped me out a lot. Mp> Also, I know I asked you this once before, but I've forgotten which day you said to take out. The Ironman is on Saturday, and the training is set up for Race Day on Sunday. So which day should I eliminate?

Second: I just got off the phone with Jon Blais, the gentleman whom I'm running this Ironman in Honor of... and he mentioned your name and said you'd be down there for the Ironman. I also saw your name on an e-mail from IRONMAN and it said you would be involved in the Media coverage. Jon said there is an underwear run on Thursday morning and he needed someone to push his Wheelchair... so I'll be there pushing him in his wheelchair... and hopefully at some point I get the honor of meeting you...since you and your book has been such an enormous part of my preparedness for this Challenge.

I look forward to your response.

Thanks again for everything.

Brian Breen

My confidence to really confront this challenge has come largely in part to your book and training regimen and your e-mail responses. The following are some links... so you can see where YOU GUIDED a 185 lb. out of shape average guy... and where he has taken this opportunity since April.

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Friday, October 13th, 2006


‘In Memory Of All Those Who Lived It’

Neighborhood Boundries are set by Bullies
Only created to try and regulate Childhood Fears
With no regard for a Kid’s unalienable Rights.

Among those to…

Treat neighboring Fences as they were intended
As rules for targets, home runs and ground rule doubles
To be jumped, destroyed… to get the fuckin’ ball back.

Even be a Landing Pad from the Moon...

Not that Neighborhood Boundries have no place here
They do… but they were never meant to be Barriers that kept Kids from
Only starting points that suggest how much further Kids could go out.

We Did It.


Poem Dedication…

From: The Blazeman

To: the Self Proclaimed ‘’Crazy Irishman’’ Mr. Brian Breen;

The Blazeman also wants you to keep this in mind… as you find yourself making your way out on Pay ‘N’ Save Hill; and in your moments of ‘’ye’ of little faith’’ (in the many hours to come) when you’re all alone out there in the fields of lava getting your ‘’Id’’, ‘’Ego’’ and ‘’Super Ego’’ pounded out of you. Remember this truth that was taught to me some time ago in my neighborhood youth, that… ‘’it’s not a matter of the size of the dog in the fight…only a matter of the size of the fight in the dog’’.

And oh, one last thing… just how big was your backyard??? Some ‘’Milt ta Wilt’’ & ‘’Whappah’’ comin’ your way my friend…

Goodwill & Godspeed Team Breen!!!



The ALS Warrior Poet

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Hey Crazy Irishishman!

Do you know how excited we are for you and how proud we are??? If my Blazeman Jr. could travel with you next week and cheer you on in Kona he would. If Special K could give you his big Irish grin and giant yell he would. We will just have to settle for following your incredible journey from here in Georgia.

We are all on one team...TEAM BLAZEMAN...and we train and race for Jon--The Blazeman--and those others who can no longer race but are fighting this War on ALS.

Take it all in, Brian. You will never have another experience like this first time. You are have have strength & have a great big Irish heart....and you have people all over the country cheering you on TO THE FINISH!! Go get 'em!

Know that the Duffy team travels with the Breen team on to Kona......two Irish mission!

ALOHA......soon to be Ironman!!

Love, Karen, Mike, Blazeman Jr., and Special K

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006


I was just looking over your website tonight... and I'm looking at the pics, listening to the audio of William Wallace giving his great fight speech in BRAVEHEART, and seeing my name up there on your site...along side yours. And if I've said it one time I've said it a thousand times... I have a great deal of respect for what you've asked me to be involved in here. I'm immensely honored to be considered a warrior in your army...if just for a day... on Triathlon's largest battlefield, to fight for you... the ALS Warrior Poets... and for the War on ALS.

So know this... on 10/21/06 at 7am... I'm not a Triathlete, but instead...if only for that one day... a Warrior. A triathlete competes in a race... a warrior goes to WAR. On 10/21/06... I will follow you into battle... and we are going to wage war on ALS in front of the entire world. I'm grasping the scale of what 10/21/06 may mean to the War on ALS... and I WILL see you at the finish line my friend.

ALS Warrior--
Brian Breen
"Crazy Irishman"

Sunday, September 17th, 2006

Dear Blazeman,

Just thought I'd let it be known, I was on a long ride today with a Tri group in chicago called the TRI OUTLAWS. And I was talking with one of the gentleman about the Ironman, and he was talking about the Blazeman. And this guy, who I just met for the first time today, told me that he was so inspired by not only the Blazeman's triumph in Kona...but also his WORDS... that he printed them out and has them hanging on his wall in his home. He said, "it's the one where he's ends it by saying... 'whatever you do, get it on film'..."

I just thought that was neat... Jon's words have had quite a reach. This guy didn't even know that I was talking with you guys when he told me this story. So after I told him... he said to make sure I let you know, Jon, that he was really inspired by you last year, and that he tries to live his life by the words from one of your poems.

Anyway... that's all... just thought it was a pretty neat experience today.

Brian Breen

Monday, August 14th, 2006


"Do Something And It’ll Come Back To You".

Ironman Lottery winner Brian Breen is living proof that the Ironman doesn’t have to be a selfish endeavor.

Saturday, August 5th, 2006


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To my friends and family...

I've been in contact with a gentleman by the name of Jonathan Blais - known as the BLAZEMAN...and his family for some time now.

He has been a Special Ed Teacher for the past 10 years...and he was diagnosed with ALS-Lou Gherigs Disease last May. 5 months later he became the first person with ALS to ever attempt, and complete, the Hawaii Ironman. His goal was to create a massive amount of awareness to the complete lack of research and funding that has gone towards ALS in the past 70 years. And he knew that his body was deteriorating went after the biggest Triathlon on the planet... and finished it in just under 17 hours...which is the allotted time given to all the athletes to be accepted as an official finisher of the race.

That was 10 months ago.

He can't use his arms very much, and his legs are deteriorating quickly as well...and the disease is taking him very quickly. Before long, he won't be able to speak, and sometime between now and the next year or so, he'll most likely pass on. He knows this. And he's accepted it. But he's trying to leave his mark before he goes. Jon Blais is 34 years old.

Nothing has been substantially done for ALS since Lou Gherig first got it over 70 years ago. And he put himself out there at the Ironman last year in order to make the world take notice. Since then, he's been trying to get help from people in the "multisport" world to help him with his cause. I'm just one person...and I really don't know what I can do. But I was taught from someone who recently passed in my life...that one person can make a difference. So I'm just trying to lend a hand to Jon's Cause... and maybe do a little to help him leave his mark...and actually create some changes... before he passes.

So if you have the time in the next few days or weeks or whenever... and you don't mind, take a look at his website... and take a look at this snippet from last year's Ironman at (It's a very short version of what he went through on that day).

I watched the 2005 Ironman last year... I taped it...and I was inspired beyond words by what I saw the Blazeman do. So I reached out to them with an e-mail...and they reached back and asked that I do whatever I could do.

Visit my ALS-TDF Web Site by clicking here...

Visit my Janus Web Site by clicking here...

So that's about it,
Thanks for listening...

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