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Friday, February 24th, 2006

Wes Clegg & CO. Presents....
Benefit Bash


Frank & Elaine Mooney, Cliff & Vicki Karten, Dennis & Sue Kochanek, Paul & Sue Roberti, Tony & Beverly DaCosta, Brian & Erin Kochanek & Family, Roland & Pauline Blais, Bob & Mary Ann Blais, Scott & Heather Kinniburgh, Don & Karen Blais & Family, Michael & Nicole Peloquin, Michael & Linda Kot, Wonder Works, Inc., Joseph & Ava Car, Jan Corman, Barry & Jenny Rodrigues, Jennifer Fernandes, Roger & Paula Greene, Cassie Clegg, Doc. & Jean Anderson, Jim & Donna Lawson, Carrie Lawson, Robert & Kathy Deriso, Jason & Jenn Murphy, Paul & Donna Salavas, Maureen Smith, Peter & Joyce Parisi, Tracey Downing, Jamie & Kristen Murphy & Family, Richard & Ginni Miranda, Richard & Jane Cronin, Shawn Henderson, Rebecca Horton, Cindy Dugan, Dennis & Carolyn Welch, Frank & Ginny Chianese, Larry & Diane Labide, Laurie, Nicole, Steve & Susan Nevega, Jon & Edie Murphy, Jim & Karen Rebello, Tom & Lynda Murphy & Family, Rita Calabrese, Jessica Peloquin, Nicole Proulx, Manny Correia, Mark Paquin, Elizabeth Stackhouse, LMB Associates - The Blackstone, Michael & Leesa Bennett, Sean & Lisa Kerwin, Miranda's Dance Studio I, Tom Clegg, Shawn & Roderick Henderson, Frank Clegg Jr., Joseph & Evelyn Buonaiuto, Idea Productions, Inc., Mat & Dori Mendel, Janice Vinnitti, Anthony Lunghi, Martin & Michele Kolodziejczak, Michael & Linda Monteleone, Joel & Susan Broudy, Karen Pincins, Nancy Kelly, Ricky & Bethany Weindel, Wallace & Joan Perry, Engines By Benz, Inc., Bill & Lori Benz & Family, Ken Pincins, Jill Arters, Amy Bradbury, Abdallah & Marleen Alawneh, Mark & Barbara Ballou, Mike Lyons, Chris Dunn, Mike Hall, Mark & Susan Frechette & Family, John Celio, Dave Celio, Steve & Lynn Clegg, Chris & Jenn Schwab, John & Diane Pappas, Chris & Kryss Clegg, Brad Clegg, Norbert & Izzy Cabral, Gordon & Wendy Hubbard, Joe & Jeanne Nunes, Steve & Susan Rutter, Mario Cruz, Normand & Kathy Letourneau, Elieen Carlson, Nabil & Linda Ghazul...


Thursday, February 23rd, 2006


That is funny because the reason I want to do this is because of Johnny Blaze. Johnny was my neighbor in San Diego. If you have any gear that I could wear for my events that are coming up before October, I would be happy to wear them to raise ALS awareness. I will even pay for the gear. My events are as follows… Ralph's Half Ironman on March 18th, Wildflower on May 6th. I will be at Wildflower for the weekend to watch the other Triathlons on Sunday as well. I will also be doing Half Ironman Baja Mexico on April 21st. (though not confirmed yet) and I will be doing Ironman Courdulene in Idaho on June 25th. I am also planning on running in the San Diego Rock N' Roll Marathon on June 4th.

I know you said you do not plan on being ready until October but if you have a way of raising money for ALS-TDF I would like to know how.

Thanks again,


Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006


FYI…Windy City Sports Magazine is going to put your picture in their April issue as replay coverage of the "Triathletes Who Care" Spin-A-Thon. Also I received a message today that our local paper, The Daily Herald, wants to do a story on the Spin-A-Thon. They want to talk with someone about it. Are you interested? I could give them your number… or if you want I can handle it. I say you make it all about ALS-TDF and say the Spin-A-Thon was the kick-off to your Blazeman's Multi-Sport Campaign WAR ON ALS. The focus is on the future of Team Blazeman 's battle against this bulldozer.


Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006


Just checking in on you. Have you already gone across country? Hard keeping up with you on your web site - looks like you were in Chicago few weeks ago- your schedule looks crazy. How's everything going? Send an update when you get a chance…


Tuesday, February, 21st, 2006


I just wanted you to read this e-mail that Donna Lewis sent to me. Her words are at the bottom. The ones in all capital letters… it is scary… she is the one that I told you is trying to go to China for the stem cells. She is scheduled to go in April.

Jamie Lee

Hello Donna,

You have no idea how worried I have been about you. I e-mailed Steve Pesto and he had not heard from you either. It is good to hear from you. Tell me what's going on with you? If you can, give me an alternate e-mail so I can check on you if you are not able to write back. As for me, I have taken my very first rides in an ambulance, two times in December and once in January. I will reach four years from diagnosis this Valentines Day. Seems like one problem is leading to another now. I had a Hickman Catheter put in while I was in the hospital the last time. They could never find a vein, to start an I/V. After they stuck me about ten times in my arms and five times in my feet, I had had enough. If at all possible, stay in touch and I will do the same. I pray for you often. I saw Melissa Freeman last week. She is a sweetie.





Friday, February 17th, 2006

Hey Buddy,

I love the new music on the website by Supertramp. You won't believe this but the other day I was thinking that they would be a good group for the website. I was thinking of the song "Take The Long Way Home" when I thought of it, because that's what I'm doing... taking the long way home.


Kenny - The Warrior Poet

Thursday, February 16th, 2006


Your e-mail was forwarded to me from the website. I didn't see on Jon's website when he would be in Tucson, I may have missed it - the website is incredible. We have a support group that meets the first Thursday of every month. If he happens to be in town then, it would be a great opportunity for a number of PALS to meet him. Thank you for your e-mail!!!


Maureen Lane
Patient Services Coordinator
ALS Association - AZ Chapter
Southern Region
(520) 444-0712

Saturday, February 11th, 2006


Not sure if you remember me. We spoke a while back. I am doing IM Arizona and wanted to hook up with Janus and try to raise some money for ALS.(My Dad was diagnosed with this crappy deal in August). After speaking to you and making some calls, I decided to raise money for ALS-TDF. I figure if it's good enough for an Ironman, it's good enough for my Dad. The folks at ASL-TDF are first rate. They have sent Dad some great information and Jill Theodoss has been awesome to work with. Just wanted to know that you are a great motivator!!! Hopefully, will get it and start sending in donations.

I hope you doing O.K. My motto for my fundraising is "Together we can find a cure." It may seem simple, but I really believe that it will happen for both you and my Dad. Be well and be strong Blazeman.

Reina Probert

Saturday, February 11th, 2006
"Triathletes Who Care" Presents...
Spin-A-Thon for the Blazeman
"The ALS Warrior Poet is Goin' Global"
(click here)
Multi-Sport Campaign Staging Points In The War On ALS
Stay Tuned For Staging Point Updates...
Chicago Spin-A-Thon
Chicago Spin-A-Thon
Chicago Spin-A-Thon
Palatine, IL Battle
Chicago Warriors
Bob Lee & Blazeman in Palatine
Palatine, IL Contingent

John Wolski, Renee Wolski, Brad Ullman, Joanne Ullman, Bill "Contract" Elwell, Jeff Snow, Tara Heinden, Bob Mitera, "Pink Bike" Mike, Katie Sweeney, Matt Kerekes, Dwight Clarks, Tom Horak, Dave Blanke, Caryn Blanke, Brad Pomery, Danielle Mosquera, Quinn Heiden, Mike Mosquera, Laura Horak, Rina Boundy, Melissa Ruth, Jon Von Gilder, Charlie Thalheimer, Kristen Thalheimer, Clark Owen, Joanne Owen, Bruce Kokowski, Marc Linhart, Bob Lee, Cassie Jordan, Joy, Ann, Gary Weiner… & All The Folks At The Buehler YMCA!!!
It was my pleasure to have the opportunity to meet The Blazeman and to take part in the Spin-A-Thon at the Buehler YMCA yesterday.

With the inspiration of people like The Blazeman and the awesome support of his friends around the world, I know we are getting closer to finding a cure for ALS.


A Special Group,

Thanks so much for your gifts of time, energy and support. I especially want to thank you for your time. Having the opportunity to visit with Jon Blais (The Blazeman) made me; and I am sure many of you, more sensitive as to how we spend our time. Jon's passion to make a difference is extremely powerful. With people like Jon and each of you, there is hope that a cure for this dreadful disease called ALS will be found sooner than later.

Just to report… there were five bikes spinning at full speed right to 11:00 PM. And who was there to cheer them on…The Blazeman.. I believe $3,000.00 was raised on Saturday not even including the on-line contributions. If anyone would like to borrow a copy of the Blazeman's DVD that was playing at the Buehler YMCA, I have a copy.

I am enclosing a picture of John, Blazeman, Bob and Jeff - the motivator and organizers of this great event. They have shown us how to turn emotion into motion. Great job!!!

Thanks again for everyone's help and support. It would not have been the same without you!!!


Bob Lee

Virginia Spin-A-Thon
Virginia Spin-A-Thon
Virginia Spin-A-Thon
Charlottesville, VA Battle
Virginia Warriors
Virginia Spin-A-Thon
Virginia Spin-A-Thon
Virginia Spin-A-Thon
Virginia Warriors
Charlottesville, VA Contingent

Greenwood Properties LLC, Amanda Stewart, Kelly Sokol, Andrew Zemon, Brian Hobbs, James Stanec, Casey & Scott Neher, Jennifer Morris, Teague & Mary Moore, Anne Showell, Alex & Amber Leykikh, Thomas & Patricia Cully, James & Margaret Harshaw, Charlottesville Parking Center, Inc., James & Allison Harshaw, Ron Good, Emily Clarke, Emily Walker, James & Kara Defilippi, Lilliam & Robert Vanderveer
Dear Family, Friends & Supporters,

The "Triathletes Who Care" Spin-A-Thon was a great success, thanks to All those who helped out with the donations, spinning and spreading the word about ALS and Blazeman - The ALS Warrior Poet!!! Our goal was to raise $1,000.00 but thanks to everyone's participation and support we ended up raising $1,350.00!!!

Just as important as the money that was raised was also the incredible amount of awareness that was raised. The "Triathletes Who Care" Spin-A-thon was held in a very public spot of ACAC Fitness Club. We had over a dozen different spinners join us throughout the day, riding anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours.

A great article was published in our local paper; The Daily Progress about ALS, Blazeman and the "Triathletes Who Care" Spin-A-Thon. In addition, it was AWESOME to see some local TV News Stations show up and do a feature on the Spin-A-Thon, ALS and The Blazeman.

It was really great to see what people can do to help out others fight ALS with a purpose. Another 119 people died of ALS yesterday during the 7 hours we Spun. ALS, more than 70 years later, still has no cure, no treatment, nothing… but because of your support, you are now part of the solution.

The Blazeman's efforts to raise money for research and awareness is what is keeping his head up through this very difficult time in his life and everyone here helped The Blazeman's with his new found challenge in life. Thank you so much!!! It meant so much to us and so much to The Blazeman!!! We hope that the kindness you have extended will Bless, and in someway enrich your own lives.

Our Spin-A-Thon was 1 of 15 going on around the world yesterday in 10 states & 5 countries. If you would like to see what others are saying about their events or send a message to The Blazeman… please do!!!

Thank you to our sponsors!!!

ACAC Fitness & Wellness Center
Frontrunner Signs
Performance Bike Shop
Cville Bike & Tri
Boar's Head Inn

With love,
Jim & Ali Harshaw

San Diego Spin-A-Thon
San Diego Spin-A-Thon
San Diego Spin-A-Thon
San Diego, CA Battle
San Diego Warriors
San Diego Spin-A-Thon
San Diego Spin-A-Thon
San Diego Spin-A-Thon
San Diego Warriors
San Diego Spin-A-Thon     San Diego Spin-A-Thon
San Diego Warriors
San Diego, CA Contingent

Sean Conerty, Marisa Martinez, Petra & Fabrice LeDet, Andrew & Irma Depratti, Jan "Tutu" Tuttle, Semi Mezouri, Mike & Martha Conerty, Ron & Loretta Smith, Emily Shen
Canada Spin-A-Thon
Canada Spin-A-Thon
Canada Spin-A-Thon
Alberta, Canada Battle
Canadian Warriors
Canada Spin-A-Thon
Canada Spin-A-Thon
Canada Spin-A-Thon
Canadian Warriors
Canada Spin-A-Thon
Canada Spin-A-Thon
Canada Spin-A-Thon
Canadian Warriors
Canadian Contingent

Meghan Walsh, Jonathan, Beki, Carolyn & Jaimie Roth Theresa, Pierce, Cassidy & Garney Baker, Martin & Sue Parnell, Stan & Heather, Rachar, Trevor Dickson, Pam, Randy & Dan Gossman, Linda VanDyke, Bobbi Fridfinnson, Rick Arthur, David Fleming, Shaun Strachen, Melanie Hamilton, Dean & Teresa Kendell & family, Vanessa Fishbuch, David Greenwell, Patrick & Hailey Gladue, Bryan Benny, Terry Eichinger, Ross Sterling,
Cranston Spin-A-Thon
Cranston Spin-A-Thon
Cranston Spin-A-Thon
Cranston, RI Battle
Cranston Warriors
Cranston Contingent

Hello Fellow ALS-TDF Spin-A-Thon Warriors!!!

Once again… THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for signing up to be a part of the ALS-TDF Spin-A-Thon!!! The Spin-A-Thon is less than one week away and I hope everyone is getting fired up to battle in The War On ALS. As you are aware, the main goal of this event is to raise the much needed awareness and funds to help The Blazeman & ALS-TDF bring an end to Lou Gehrig's Disease. I won't get into the details of how you, your family & friends can donate… everything you need to know regarding this matter is on the Spin-A-Thon Website.

Please remember that the donations are a crucial part of the Spin-A-Thon and we are relying on all Spinners & Sponsors to help route monies for ALS-TDF via The Blazeman Fund.

Here are some ALS Warrior Facts you should know about the Spin-A-Thon:

  1. To date there will be individuals & teams Spinning in 10 states: (IL., MA., CO., MD., WI., NC., CT., CA., VA., R.I.) as well as 5 Foreign Countries: (France, Chile, St. Lucia, Australia & Canada).
  2. There will be ALS Warriors Spinning in Basements… Garages… Inside a Running & Triathlon Store… On a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean beginning at sunrise… On the roads in Chile & Australia… At YMCA's in Illinois & Rhode Island.
  3. There are somewhere between 80-100 ALS Warriors Spinning for a total of 18 separate Spin-A-Thons & 2 rides in support of the Spin-A-Thon…that is a total of 330 hours on the bike… equaling 14 continuous days of Spinning!!!

We are asking that Spinners take digital photographs of their Spin-A-Thon and e-mail them to us. We will organize the photos by location per individuals & teams and get them to Blazeman's Webmaster. We hope these Spinning Inspirational Pictures will get others to join the War On ALS.

Attached you will find a 2006 ALS-TDF Fact Sheet. Please print them up and use them as needed to educate people about ALS-TDF.


Kind Regards,

"Triathletes Who Care"

John Wolski & Bob Mitera

Friday, February 10th, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

We are asking for your assistance in promoting our first annual Blazeman 5k. This race is in honor of a former teacher, Jon Blais who was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease, on May 13th of last year. After being diagnosed he was determined to spread the word about ALS to raise money for some sort of treatment for the disease. This is because in the 70 years since Lou Gehrig's diagnosis there has only been one FDA approved drug that has failed to do little if anything for the symptoms. It is referred to as "diagnose and adios." Knowing that he only had 2-5 years left of his life Jon decided that his first step in raising awareness was going to be competing and finishing the 27th Ford Ironman World Championship in Hawaii this past October. After hearing of his great accomplishment, it was unanimous: We needed to raise money for ALS research because we simply can not lose more great people like Jon to this motor-neuron disease.

This year on Saturday May 13, the one year anniversary of his diagnosis, Flat River Middle School will be hosting The Blazeman 5K. The purpose of this race is to raise awareness of the disease as well as raise money in Jon's search for a cure. All proceeds will go directly to the ALS-TDF (ALS Therapy Development Foundation) a research facility based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts that funds research for the disease. Although in another 1-4 years, chances are Jon will no longer be with us, his voice will still be heard through this annual race among other fundraisers Jon has been involved in. We are asking for you to help us endorse this race so that we can help the ALS-TDF fight the war on ALS. Any promotional assistance would be deeply appreciated, not just by Jon, but the upwards of 30,000 people who suffer from ALS. To learn more about Jon and his daily battle with ALS you can visit his website at To visit the ALS-TDF website log onto

Students from Flat River Middle School

Contact Information:
Shawn Henderson
Science Teacher
1675 Flat River Rd.
Coventry, RI 02816
Phone: 822-9466
Fax: 822-9456

Friday, February 10th, 2006

I read the inspiring January article in What's News with mixed emotions. I can't imagine what you're experiencing at this moment. None-the-less, it was "Vintage Blazeman."

You have lived more fully in your 30+ years than many of us live in 80.

Your accomplishments, inspiration, and creativity are extraordinary.

I made a donation to your effort. I'll check your website from time to time for updates on the "War On ALS." These are "WARS" we should be fully supporting. I wish you total success!!!

Jon, I'm forever grateful to know you. Thanks for keeping in touch all these years.

Dr. K

P.S. Your kind remarks about your professors in the Whats News article were greatly appreciated. You can't imagine what it meant to me. It made my day, plus some.

As fellow teachers, it reminds us that you'll never know who will walk through your door and you'll never know when you'll make a difference!!!

Greg Kniseley

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

Hey Buddy!!!

I'm having trouble with swallowing and speech and having to use computer in a different method. I appreciate your e-mail. I'm still here and will keep going. I'm proud of what your doing Jon!!! "Once a man twice a child."

Ken The Warrior Poet

-blazeman wrote:

I'm coming for you... wanna know you're all right... talk to me… Mav.

Your Wingman.

Monday, February 6th, 2006

Hey Jon,

It's Shawn Henderson from Flat River. I just wanted to e-mail you and let you know how things are going. I wanted to thank you for coming to the canning drives that the students organized. It was extremely successful and went far beyond what I thought we would reach. When I put the bug into the kid's ears after you talked with them about having a fundraiser, little did I realize how much you really affected them. You have been a true inspiration to these students and have been able to get to them in such a way that I could only wish for as a teacher. I am looking forward to this event and especially being able to raise awareness and funding to help support the ALS-TDF. If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to let me know, I would love any input that you could offer. Thank you for everything that you have done.

I wanted to send you this quote that I found from the Iron Horse himself regarding ALS. You have probably already seen this one but it really spoke to me when I read it.

Take care,

“You have to get knocked down to realize how people really feel about you. I've realized that more than ever lately. The other day, I was on my way to the car. It was hailing, the streets were slippery and I was having a tough time of it. I came to a corner and started to slip. But before I could fall, four people jumped out of nowhere to help me. When I thanked them, they all said they knew about my illness and had been keeping an eye on me."

-Lou Gehrig

Sunday, February 5th, 2006

After another 5 hours at Stop and Shop our new total for this weekend is $1,886.24, which brings our grand total to $2280.89! I hope you are as ecstatic as I am.


Sunday, February 4th, 2006

Dear Jon,
It's Erin, the one who organized the canning last weekend and this weekend. I have just finished counting and double counting all the donations from today, and after 10 hours at Stop & Shop we raised $1275, not counting the $394 from last week, and we will also be at Stop & Shop tomorrow for 6 hours. We received a $20 bill, two $10 bills and $100 worth of 5's. Many people asked questions about the disease and we actually ran out of flyers. There was also a man shopping there who was suffering from ALS, not to mention the countless people who said "oh my aunt died of that", or "My mother-in-law has that". Many people also mentioned the ER episode. You can conclude that you were successful in spreading the word about ALS, at least as far as Coventry is concerned, and more importantly that you truly are a hero, in a matter of two weekends you were responsible for inspiring us to raise $1669. If we raised this much money in a few hours i can't wait to see how successful the 5K will be.

Thank You for being such an inspiration,

Saturday, February 4th, 2006

Flat River Middle School ALS Warrior Poets
Caught In Action Fighting Lou Gehrig's Disease

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

James Woods

"The ALS Association is very grateful to the producers of “ER” for their decision to devote an entire episode of the show to ALS. We also would like to thank the cast and crew for treating this difficult subject with the sensitivity it deserves. Lastly, we are fortunate that “ER” chose James Woods to play a character with ALS. Obviously the considerable amount of time he spent researching the disease helped contribute to an outstanding performance. He is an actor who takes his craft seriously."
Gary A. Leo, President & CEO, The ALS Association

Saturday, January 28th, 2006

After Jon left our school we all knew what we had to do: raise money for ALS research. This was a unanimous decision in Mr. Henderson's advisory. We brain-stormed many different ways to fund raise and ultimately decided to go canning. So Shelby and I went to Hollywood Video and after hearing John's story they were more then willing to let us can. In 8 hours we were able to raise $394.64 for the Blazeman. Although this is a great start it pales in comparison to what we could raise, which is why we have booked superbowl Sunday and the Saturday before to can at Stop & Shop and why we have started to plan a 5k, because this world can't afford to continue to lose heroic people like Jon to ALS.

Flat River Middle School ALS Warrior Poet Erin
Caught In Action Fighting Lou Gehrig's Disease

Sunday, January 15th, 2006
Blazeman - The Ironman ALS Warrior Poet
Visits San Diego and the Carlsbad Marathon
"For the final mile, Applegate will be joined by Jonathan Blais,
a 2005 Hawaii Ironman finisher who was diagnosed with the same
muscle-wasting disease more than a year ago. Blais will help Paul
Applegate out of his wheelchair and across the finish line on foot."

Friday, December 9th, 2006

Blazeman - The Ironman ALS Warrior Poet
Visits & Speaks at the Flat River Middle School in Coventry, RI
About being an ALS patient & His Trip to Kona, HI
Competing in the 2005 27th Annual Ford Ironman
Triathlon 2.4 mile Swim 112 mile Bike 26.2 mile Run
Through The Lava Fields of Kona...

Hey Jon,
My name is Jackie and you came to my school, Flat River Middle School! I'm was the one in the pink sweat shirt with all the questions! I was inspired by your story and just wanted to thank you for coming to my school! I was thinking of asking my teachers about doing a fundraiser for your foundation. ALS
TDF I never realized how one disease can affect one person. I am actually kind of ashamed of myself for complaining of some pains in my arm or whatever.

Thanks again,

P.S. Please e-mail me back

* * * * * * *

Dear Jon,
Hi. I am a student at Flat River Middle School and I found your talk very nice. I had on the "Sweep The Leg" T-shirt. You are in my prayers. I will see you in the Iron Man contest next year. Thank you for visting our school. "LIVESTRONG"

Your Friend,

* * * * * * *

Hey!!! I'm Charlie P.

I'm from the Flat River Middle School. You visited my 8th grade team today (12/09/05) and I thank you for showing me that I shouldn't be a quitter. You are my inspiration. Now I know that I shouldn't quit because I don't know if I could get a good grade on a test or something like that… you did the unbelievable and I know now I can to. I will remember you as my inspiration forever. You taught me to never give up.

Thank You!!!
Flat River Middle School

* * * * * * *

Hey Jon,

It's Savannah from the FRMS! I now believe that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Thanks to you, every 8th grader in that school is going to live up to their dream. If you hadn't come in to our school, I would have never believed in myself and my life long dream… just like you, I want to be in the Ironman because I know that I would do my best in every event that takes place even though I do have asthma. I would still love to be someone that takes place in the Ironman because I love to swim, bike and run. If the Ironman ever takes place in Hawaii again, I know that I will do great because I was in Hawaii the same time you were and am going again in January!

* * * * * * *

Dear Jon (or Mr. Blais),

I am Erik S. and i am in the eight grade team that you visited on friday at FRMS. I just wated to thank you for coming to our school and answering any questions that we had after the video. I heard that you just made it in time for the video to end and also that Mrs. NK told you that you didn't need to come because of the big storm but you did any way. I am very happy that you did because we would have missed out on a great experience and you helped me to see that. As soon as i got home i told my dad about you and your story but he said that he didn't remember you. I told my mom and she said that she did and she was very inspired by your story also. We them told my dad and he said he just bearly remember's it. You had helped inspire many of the students in the eight grade including me. I remember when the video was over everyone started to clap and i was thinking why are they all clapping? Its not like he's actually here.(little did i know) I told my friend sitting next to me this and she aid that she was thinking the same thing. When Mrs. NK held up your shirt and said "this not only looks like the Shirt that Jon Blais had during the ironman contest but is IS the shirt" i then thought jeez, how did she end up with that?. and when she said "he is here" i started to think this is not possible. how could he be here? You gave me a whole different way to think of Life. Thank you very much!!!!

Your Friend,

P.S.~ sorry for the spelling mistakes!

* * * * * * *

hey blazeman,

its kyle, i put a coment on your web-site i hope you'll read it and get back to me. I was thrilled to see you cross the finish line in the ironman and i think you should have gotten a medel because i dont think anyone could have accomplished what you did. if u read my coment it tells you something that i did and accomplished with my diease (PJRA) and i told in my coment what i did and that i did the unexpected and and i never ever gave up on my dreams but wtching you in that race gave me a werid feeling inside that just cause i have arthritis it doset change a thing and after the movie and talking to you it gave me more and more confidence in me that if you believe you can do it you can do it and thats what you did, you accomplished to finish the ironman before 200 to 300 healthy people. you see when i got diagnosed with PJRA i thought that i could finish my dream but i gained my strenght and accomplished what i wanted to do. It's not easy to do something when your acheing exspectally one of the biggest trianthalons in the world but you had the strenght abd confidence just like i had and we both accomplish are dreams. i hope you e-mail me back because i would like to talk again with you and i hope you come visit flat river middle again. thanks blazeman for showing me that no matter what happens to you if you believe in what you want to do, you can accomplish your dreams.


p.s. blazeman e-mial me back

* * * * * * *

Dear John,

I wanted to thank you for coming to my school on Friday. You have truly inspired me to conquer my fears and to persue my dreams not matter what the case is. Before I met you and heard your story I used to let the smallest things bring me down and make me think I couldnt do it. You have taught me to never give up and for that, I am thankfull.

*Stay True to Your Self And Never Give ... You are and inspiration to people around the world*

Much Love

* * * * * * *

Hi Jon!

My name is Kourtney. You came to my school, Flat River on Friday. I just wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration to me. I am glad to say I enjoyed your visit with us. I am also glad to say that you changed my whole perspective on things. I realize you should never let the silly things in life get to you. I would love to help spread the word about the ALS disease. I think you competing in the IronMan Triathlon was awesome. I have never seen anybody as determined as the Blazeman. You really did inspire me to have more determination in the things I do. Thanks for coming to our school. I'm glad that all of the 8th graders at Flat River Middle School have been informed about this disease, I think as a group we can help do something about it.


* * * * * * *

Dear Blazeman,

I would like to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to come spend time with us last Friday. Your story has inspired me and I will never look at life the same way again. I can't wait for your next visit.

Flat River Middle School Grade 8

* * * * * * *


my name is Cassandra. i am from Flat River Middle School. Ever since you came to my school i have been thinking more about ALS. I just wanted to let you know how amazing you truly are. I have changed my backround from the Laguna Beach Cast to you. When i was sitting in the auditorium listening to you, i was so surprised how you were taking all of our questions and answering them so honestly. I encourage you to keep visting schools, it honored me to know that i actually met Jon Blais. You don't know what an inspiration you are, throughout my life i am positive that every important decision i make, i will always think: "What would Jon Blais do".

Thank you so much, good luck, and have a wonderful life and keep changing peoples lives!!

Yours Truly,

* * * * * * *

Hey Blazeman,

My name is Nick, and I am a student at Flat River Middle School. Your visit was a life altering experience for me, it made me appreciate that I was here doing the things I did on a daily basis. When I sat in the auditorium watching coverage of the Ironman that Mrs. VNK brought for us, I was inspired by the effort you put into everything you did. At the end of the movie when Mrs. VNK was walking up the stage where the program was being screened I watched the luminous shine on her face grow as she announced, "This is not only a shirt that says Blazeman, this is the actual shirt he wore!" From this I was completely astonished. I believed that she got such a valuble item from an auction site like ebay but I was terribly mistaken. As I saw you walking up to the spot where Mrs. VNK was standing I was blown out of my seat. While everyone was applauding I was just to suprised to react. I was about to meet someone who ran the Ironman, one of the most prestigeous races in the world, with ALS and still finish before many other healthy athletes. You accomplished something that deserved much better than clapping, so I yelled out "Your My Hero!" because you are my hero. Someone that puts so much effort into what they do should deserve a medal, so I intend to give you one next time you visit our school, and if you cant, you should most definetly expect it through another source. I am extremely grateful for the contribution you have made not only to the Flat River Middle School 8th grade student body, but the whole entire world for teaching the valuble lesson of never giving up your dreams.

Warrior Guitar Player : )

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john my name is melissa and you came to my school (flat river middle school) on friday. you are my hero, role model, and my inspiration. thank you for everything that you have done

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Hey Blazeman lol , or john I’m Shawn from flat river middle school Coventry Rhode island that presentation was awesome I couldn’t believe you were there that was so cool schools out today due to a lot of slippery roads and I thought I’d email ya. I just wanted to tell you how awesome it was to see you and that good luck for your cross country bike run in January.

(just in case your wondering lol means laugh out loud)

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From The Teachers:

FRMS (Click Here for Team Freedom of The Flat River Middle School 8th Grade)

Monday, December 5th, 2005 at 10:00 PM
Blazeman - The Ironman ALS Warrior Poet
"Live" with Ed Berliner on the "Sports Pulse"
Channel CN8 The Comcast Cable TV Network
Blazeman -The ALS Warrior Poet
Announces His 2006 Plans to Trek Across America for ALS-TDF

Thursday, November 17th, 2005

Thursday, November 17th, 2005 at 7:00 PM
Blazeman - The Ironman ALS Warrior Poet
Shares His Ironman Experience with The Lions Club of Seekonk, Massachusetts
and Receives a donation of $250.00 for ALS-TDF Research.

Thursday, November 10th, 2005 at 10:00 AM
Blazeman - The Ironman ALS Warrior Poet
Revisits the "Great" Northern Lincoln Elementary School in Lincoln, RI
And Takes Part In The Cousin Blazeman Hawaii Ironman 2005 Slideshow.

Ms. Kerry Bauer & Company Presents… So. Cal Style!!!
$12,500 Raised

November 5th, 2005
"Blazeman Brewfest" at Karl Strauss Brewery on Sante Fe Road

October 27th, 2005
"Cocktails for a Cure" at Landlord Jim's at 16th And Broadway

October 18th, 2005
"Going for Grapes" at Fifty Seven Degrees Downtown at 14th & G Street

Friday, November 4th, 2005 11:00 AM
Blazeman - The Ironman ALS Warrior Poet
Revisits Aseltine School's Students & Staff in San Diego, California

Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
Team Blazeman - The ALS Warrior Poets
Raise $2,500 in Local Chapter Walk to D' Feet ALS
Blazeman with his Mom, Dad, Wendy & Gordon
Warwick, Rhode Island

Note to Self...
A lot of "Political People" patted each other's back that day?


Tuesday, October 4th, 2005 at 10:00 AM
Blazeman - The Ironman ALS Warrior Poet
Visits with Kids & Speaks at the "Great" Northern Lincoln Elementary School in Lincoln, RI
About His Upcoming Ironman Triathlon & What it Takes To Be An Ironman Triathlete!!!

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