June 20th - 29th, 2006

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Thursday, June 29th, 2006


This is so hard to read! I have not seen you since Kona 2005. I hope to see you somehow before that. I know my dear friend Josh Riff has been in contact with you. Is all okay from that standpoint? He is a great guy and I know he cares about you and your WAR, and being there for you.

I watch Braveheart often to inspire me for the what I must and need to do. I will always recall with Love and Honor who you are ... The William Wallace of Seekonk and Tucson. Your devotion to a cause and to others in pain and whom suffer, drives me onward and will always.

I truly hope you have so much more in YOU and the WAR and that through God, belief, and that Blazeman Indomitable Spirit, I will be along side you in Kona 2006.

I will race for You and go hard!

Amore et Vita (Love and Life)


Dear Kevin,

First off, I want to apologize for not getting to you sooner. I want to Thank YOU for your time and effort spent with my Dad, the Vigorman, and the War on ALS. My days are now knowingly numbered and they too often suck... this WAR, is all I've got left in me. So the story goes...

I began doing Triathlons back in 1985 and never looked back... to keep a long story short, Kona 2005 was a very bitter sweet day for me. I was a veteran Triathlete with a sub 10 hour Ironman in me. Prior to Kona, my last race race was in October of 2003. I was a full time teacher with a part time job at REI and I then began working on my Master's degree in night school... which pretty much brought my training to a complete hault. In my spare time I began building a new Campy Record equipped Tri-Bike with custom paint by Joe Bell. So, in 2004, the belly grew as I was under the careful care of Dr. Ben & Jerry... knowing that when the Master's was done in the summer of 2005, Ironman training and vacations were on like Donkey Kong. From January through May 2nd, 2005, the shit kept hitting the fan and my last jog was 1.5 miles up a mountain in March. I moved back home in the summer and got into Kona in late August... daily barffing up more vitamins than training miles. I pretty much only trained for Ironman the week NBC showed up at my door to shoot film in late September. I spent my time building a website and taking anti anxiety drugs to keep my head above water realizing that... like The Man said about his loss to the Grip back in 89' (the ending of my life) was wrong... no ALS Patient wants to go out like this, and still after all these years, they've got no choice. So, I BUILT A WAR after the movie BRAVEHEART and I'm GETTING MARRIED on July 1st.

I thank you again and I look forward to being alive and seeing you in KONA real soon...

In Strength & Honor
ALS Warrior Poet

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006


I am with you always and I will be in Kona with you. I hope to see you and your WAR at the EXPO along side EagleMan.

I will make this happen...

Your are very special Blazeman and this WAR has begun and you are William Wallace. The 21st.Century reincarnation of The Warrior Poet! Lead and they shall follow...



Claire Collier is a Warrior Poet Mother of three who just got trached... her brother puts on the West Chester Triathlon in New York.

As for me Virgoman... I have no use of my left arm, very minimal use of my right arm. I can no loger bathe myself nor whipe my own ass. My left leg drags and the atrophy is everywhere. I fall down alot and it is very difficult to get up with such a weak upper body. I also have begun choking and gagging on my meals as the left side of my neck is giving way... typing is possible with a plastic finger strapped to my hand. The constant twiching is everywheere... stiff, sore and tired everyday more and more.

Kona Bound,


Wednesday, June 28th, 2006


This was sent to Me by a close friend and as I read it, I thought of You and Mom and Pop!


"The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing."
Michael E. Gerber

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006


I have covered a lot of incredible moments in sports over the years including Super Bowls, NBA Finals, US Opens, Final Fours, Tours de France and ten Ironmans, but your performance in 2005's race was the most incredible I've ever witnessed. I have never seen an athlete with more guts and determination as you showed on race day man and I'll never forget it. You kicked Kona's ass when it could have beaten you into the ground and left you by the side of the Queen K Highway. The way you gutted it out to make the bike cutoff time was no less than superhuman considering how far you were behind at the turnaround. As I told you we would, we stayed with you throughout the run to cheer you on and in doing so, I witnessed what true heart and perseverance really are. Even with the ALS disease trying to shut down your body, you walked on through the night never giving up, never giving in to the pain. Man, I thought you were done about mile 13, but you sucked it up and pushed on. I know you must have felt like shit out there but you never let up, you just kept going.

Walking that last mile with you into the finish line is something I never will forget and I was honored to be walking with you and documenting your efforts. All the cheering fans supporting you must have given your feet wings as you started running again as soon as we heard them chanting Blazeman. What an unbelievable feeling it was as we came down Ali Drive into the lights and frenzy at the finish line. I can't describe how emotional it all was for me, and can only imagine what it must have felt like for you. When you log rolled over the line and into the arms of your waiting family, I just about lost it. I was so happy for you. It must have been everything you could have dreamed of when you entered the race and there couldn't have been a happier ending to the day.

We all go through life facing difficult challenges, but none tougher than your fight. Whenever I find myself down and almost beaten, I will think back to that Ironman day and say if the Blazeman didn't give up, how can I? You showed me what true determination and belief in yourself can do in those moments when things seem the hardest and the darkest and I will draw on that lesson for the rest of my life in whatever I do. You showed all the doubters that even a disease like ALS can't hold someone back from achieving their dreams. Thanks man for showing me the true meaning of sport, to overcome all obstacles, and to push through when it would be so easy to give up. You are the MAN Blazeman and I wish you all the best in the future.

I will never forget our friendship and I will always be there when you need a little support. I will never forget the lessons you have taught us all, not just in sport, but in life as well. Keep the faith my man and keep up the good fight.

So I think that was the gist of my former blog dude. I mean every word of it too. I have never seen anything like what you did at the Ironman and never had a moment like crossing that finish line with you. Keep me posted on your War on ALS. Keep the faith Bro...

Talk to you soon,


Saturday, June 24th, 2006


Team Blazeman Joins Forces With
On The War On ALS

Golf Tournament To Benefit ALS-TDF

Firefly Golf Course
Seekonk, MA
Firefly Golf Course

ALS Golf Tournament Auction Items Sponsors
by Doug Guilbert
1) Baskets by Lisa – Golf Gift Basket. Retail Value: $50
2) JE Asset Group – Free Book and Consultation & 10% off service. $250
3) Pat Beck – 3 hour free landscape architectural design. $200 Retail Value
4) Seth Jacobson Photography – Free Family Portrait $450 Retail Value
5) Kevin McCarthy – Aflac Duck Golf Covers, Balls, & Tees $50 Retail Value
6) Ray MacDonald – 2 Stained Glass Art Pieces. $600 Retail Value
7) Janet Kessler – Mary Kay Gift Basket. $100 Retail Value.
8) Leah Scott – Messages during the golf outing with all proceeds to be donated. Value to be determined.
9) DeMarco Alarm Systems – Free Basic Alarm System. $299 Retail Value.
10) Doug Guilbert - 9/2/06 Sept. 2nd – 2 Tickets to Red Sox / Blue Jays Games
11) Fenner Hill Golf Club – 50% off foursome at Fenner Hill Golf Club. $110 Retail Value
12) Sera Designs/GIC – 1 free faucet. $250 Value
13) Custom Painters and Sprayers – 12 x 15 foot painting of room. Labor Only. $250 Retail Value
14) Chris Pelletier, Firefly Golf Course - Driver/Putter and Several Coupons for Golf and Lessons. $750 Retail
15) Wes Clegg – Signature Foods – Donated Steaks/Prime Rib/and Cooked Food. $750 Retail Value
16) Tuna’s Clam Bakes – Donated Ribs $500 Retail Value
17) Special Thanks to the close friends of Jonathan Blais
18) Special Thanks to Albino Dos Santos and Craig Pianka for the hard work.

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

Dear Blazemaster,

I Hope you are all keeping cool!!!

Here is the most recent update...
Last month I had a mucous attack. It was scary because it was stuck in my airway and I was not able to breathe in or out. When it was mentioned to Hospice, they told my mother that I should not be alone at night. So about two weeks ago, my previous nurse (Ms. Faith) started staying with me three nights a week and my mother is here the other nights. So now I am only by myself for about six hours every day. I did not have any more attacks until two days ago and that day it happened six times but none of them got stuck. I cough a lot now... sometimes for two or three hours straight.

The doctor has been talking to me about going on a bi-pap machine for almost a year now... now that someone is here with me at night, I am going to try to use one. She assured me that it would not prolong my life... it will only rest my lungs at night so that they will work better during the day.

I went to the doctor yesterday and there is not a lot to report. I lost six more pounds and can you believe that this time she did not say a word about it. She did not test my lung capacity either. She is trying to get me some device or machine to help me cough.

That is about it. Got to go now... my time is up for today.

Take Care...


Jamie Lee

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