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Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Dear Jon and Mr. and Mrs. Blais,

A pleasure seeing you all at 70.3 and at Kona. I did "ride with Jon" on Saturday (not very well, unfortunately!), but with a Team Blazeman sticker affixed to my helmet. I enjoyed listening to you at the awards and am inspired by your courage.

Attached is the photo I snapped in Kona when Jon spoke with Karen Smyers.

Jon, you are an inspiration.

With my greatest respect,

Dede Griesbauer

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Hi Blazeman,

I am a doctor, who was waiting to talk to you at the Sports Medical conference in Kona. The conference break ended, and you went on to speak.

I wanted to tell you Thanks. Thanks for your courage to take on what you have attacked. You are right, more needs to be done. Your bravery has opened some doors and eyes.

The prayers of myself and family are with you in this battle. It is unfair, and unfortunately, the break throughs will come after you have left. But know that your bravery and courage has made a difference.


Casey Oesterlein, MD
Redlands, CA

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006


Thanks for writing back! I just moved to a new apartment, and I've been so inspired by my time in Kona that I've been training more than ever! I sleep during all of my lunch breaks from work!

I will also e-mail Mike about Team Blazeman... anything to help raise awareness and money for research. It is so pathetic that in this day in age, there is so little on ALS (just as you've said). And yet, we think we're so "progressive." I think society's priorities are severely mixed up at times... and then there are those things, people and events that bring it all back into sharp focus. Which is why, in one of my 'carpe diem' moments, I signed up for the full Vineman! Why the heck not? And, I want to make good of it and do so in your honor. You, and your story, have touched my life in such a profound way. I'll never forget the first time I heard one of your poems on the NBC airing of the 2005 Ironman. I return to it in times of need.

Sending Angels your way,


Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Dear Blazeman,

I was at the Sports Medicine Conference in Kona this year where you were kind enough to share your story. I have seen the face of ALS... your face and the faces of my patients. I am a family doctor in the suburban community of Langley, BC, Canada. Every year I try and fundraise for a different cause... MS, the Lung Association, etc. Surely there was a reason why I was in the audience the day you spoke so this year I will raise money for the ALS Society of BC I just wanted to let you know that you are making a difference. As part of my fundraising efforts I would like to tell your story. Is this OK? Thank you for your courage and inspiration.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Dave Richardson

PS Braveheart is my favorite movie and I love the speech you have on your website.

Hangin' In The Medical Tent With CMO Dr. Bob Laird

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

John, Mom and Dad,

It was more than great seeing you in Kona this year. Especially the Ironman day you all had watching the race and being at the finish line. Even I have to draw inspiration to stay on all day for the athletes and you three gave it to me!

I will keep that inspiration in my heart this weekend (for IM Florida) and forever. Things in our life come along for reasons we do not know and I don’t have to tell you that. But I also believe things come along in our life to help us with our true existence. I am able to inspire with my words and sound of my voice. I often wonder how this has happened but what I don’t wonder about is the passion it creates.

No matter what life brings we are always lucky to have the opportunity to bring inspiration and smiles to others.

Thanks again for the poster you sent me; it’s hanging in my Ironman shrine of an office.

Keep up the good fight Warrior Poet and if I get to the east coast this winter I’ll look you up.

Keep smiling,
Mike Reilly

Bottom Line... The "Voice of Ironman" Became A "Voice For ALS" And That's A Fact.
Team Blazeman Hangin' With The "Voice of Ironman" Mike Reilly

Friday, October 27th, 2006

Hi Jon,

I'm Sean Watkins' wife and a writer and editor. When Sean got back from Kona this year, he told me saw you again and then told me about your Website. I remembered him telling me about you completing the race last year and what an amazing time that was.

So I pitched your story to a colleague of mine at San Diego Magazine, and they agreed that they'd like to run a profile on you in their Februrary issue to coincide with the ALS Spin-A-Thon. I'd love to interview you via phone and or e-mail.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Meredith Watkins

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Jonathan -

Great to meet you at the International Christian Triathlon Network Expo Booth at Athletes Village last week. God bless you. Know that I'm praying for you. If you read the book I gave you, See You At The Finish, let me know what you think. I pray it's an encouragement to you.

Lincoln Murdoch
Pastor - All Nations Church
Coordinator - ICTN

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Jonathan (Blazeman):

You were the last person I spoke with last Saturday morning at about 6:45AM before getting in the water to swim out to the start line and begin the Kona Ironman. Seeing you there and knowing your story made me feel positive and strong - you're a courageous, strong soul and an inspiration. Your race last year was epic- looking ALS straight in the eye and giving it the middle finger. Be strong, Blazeman, in a world full of media-manipulated fakes, you are the real deal.

Kind regards.

Martin Avidan
#524 Kona 2006

Thursday, October 26th, 2006



Scroll Around and Click on AWARDS SHOW…

-then take your mouse and fast forward the video all the way to 3 hours and 10 minutes... you'll be at the beginning of the video they showed at the Awards Banquet. At 3:13:02 you'll see a short interview with me and you just before I get into the water to start the race and then you'll see me again at 3:17:56 of the video on the bike portion... you'll see me in a close up from the side... getting out of the saddle and picking up the speed on the bike. At 3:26:40 you'll see yourself being hugged by another Blazeman Warrior, Mia Richter, who rolled for you... and you’re weeping. As the video is coming to an end Mia is seen "log-rolling" across the finish… turn up the volume… it's incredibly moving.

Thanks for all the support... it's been beyond moving.


Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Kevin Mackinnon Recaps The Ford Ironman:

Let’s think about this.

A bunch of people get together and argue about who is the fittest athlete. One of them comes up with this crazy idea of putting together an existing swim race, a local bike race, and the Honolulu Marathon.

"Whoever can finish that will be an Ironman," he says.

The event does OK for a few years, then, on national television, one of the competitors keels over and starts crawling for the finish line. She loses the race by a few seconds. People find this gripping. They find it incredibly dramatic. Many decide that this is something that needs to be their next challenge.

Over the next few decades more and more people decide that this activity called Ironman is a wonderful lifestyle. They embrace said activity … and many of them do it all the time.

I’m not kidding. They do it all the time. The average competitor here today will have spent 18 to 24 hours a week training for the race. What’s scary is that so many of them do a million other things, too. They’re lawyers, they’re adventure racers, they’re doctors, they’re presidents of Major League Baseball teams, they’re motivational speakers, they’re the heads of foundations.

They don’t ever stop, either. Today we saw a retired 76-year-old nun enter the Pacific to start the swim. She wasn’t even the oldest competitor, either-- there were two 79-year-olds who started, too. Sister Madonna Buder hopes also to set a record as the oldest Ironman finisher ever but she’ll have to hang in for another four years to attain that honor.

This race will long be remembered as the one in which Michellie Jones claimed yet another world title – this time an Ironman. The one in which Marc Herremans got his coveted world championship title. The one in which Brian Breen raced for a guy who has ALS – the Blazeman raced here a year ago, and now is in a wheelchair. The one in which an Army Captain, who lost his leg fighting in Iraq finished his second Ironman race.

(I’ll tell you how I knew this guy was going to finish: during his interview the other day, I found out that he had to use his injured leg to push himself out of the wreckage after his jeep had been mined. Anyone who can do something like that can finish an Ironman…)

That adventure racer? Robyn Benincasa. Today was a bit of speed training -- she has a week long event in a few weeks.

I have yet to find an Ironman competitor who doesn’t have an incredible story to tell. There certainly were no shortage of them here today. Thanks for joining us to follow them here today.



Brian Breen coming towards the finish line RACETIME: 14:18

Brian Breen is running this race on behalf of Jon Blais. Blais is waiting at the finish line for Breen to come in.

What does a year do to a man with ALS? A year ago Jon Blais finished the Ironman. Now he's in a wheelchair.

Tonight Brian Breen and Jon Blais are making a huge statement about what ALS does to a person.

As he came across the line, Breen lay down on the ground, and "log-rolled" across the line, just like Jon Blais did a year ago.

OVERALL: - Swim: 1:33:04 - Bike: 7:40:53 - Run: 4:23:06 - Overall: 14:09:06 - Position: 1483

TOTAL SWIM 2.4 mi. Time:(1:33:04) Pace: 2:26/100m Position: 1466


FIRST BIKE SEGMENT 5 mi. Time: (2:07:01) Pace: 14.72 mph

SECOND BIKE SEGMENT 30 mi. Time: (4:06:47) Pace: 11.52 mph

THIRD BIKE SEGMENT 59 mi. Time: (6:06:56) Pace: 15.48 mph

FOURTH BIKE SEGMENT 90 mi. Time: (7:57:58) Pace: 15.67 mph

TOTAL BIKE 112 mi. (9:27:31) Pace: 16:08 mph Position: 1613

BIKE FINISH 112 mi. Time: (7:40:53) Pace: 14:58 mph


FIRST RUN SEGMENT 5.2 mi. Time: (10:37:12) Pace: 9:50 mph

SECOND RUN SEGMENT 17.6 mi. Time: (12:38:40) Pace: 9:47 mph

RUN FINIsH 26.2 mi. Time: (14:09:00) Pace: 10:30 mph

TOTAL RUN 26.2 mi. Time: (4:23:06) Pace: 10:02/mile Position: 1483

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Yup... On board with Dr. Bob - Part Deux

Friday, October 20th, 2006
Midnight EST

Outpouring of support and recognition for the Blazeman has been truly overwhelming. It is nearly impossible to recap every event and meeting.

Jon's mantra has always been to raise awareness of this "Orphan Disease" and motivate people to be all that their potential would allow. He always jokes with me that we are on the verge of greatness... have accomplished all that and more!

I have always thought that a central goal in life should be to leave the world a better place for having occupied space in it.



Friday, October 20th, 2006


Things are going very well...

Just hydrating a ton today... resting... and getting my bike to the check in.

Jon and I had an incredible morning yesterday... people all over the place were stopping him and talking with him, crying, telling him how inspired they were by his 2005 Ironman... and how they want to help him with the War on ALS.

At noon I hopped in a car with his family and we went and did the NBC interviews... wow... incredible. I think it went really well... and I think they are going to do a STRONG follow up story on Jon again this year.

He received a standing ovation at the Medical Conference after he gave a speech. And there were more people down there wanting to be around him... and to talk with him.

So far... the race hasn't even happened and already it's been more than I could of imagined.

I'm ready to do this... I can't wait to get my numbers on... I can't wait for those final seconds of silence before the gun goes off... and I can't wait to WAGE WAR ON ALS TOMORROW AT THE 2006 IRONMAN!!!!!!!!!

Talk to you after the race Cliff...

Brian Breen

P.S. Since I've copied this email to the Duffy's also... thought I'd say hello to Brian and Kevin now... since time is short... and I need to get my bike into the check-in at the race start.

* * * * * * *

- To Brian and Kevin...

This is just the beginning. And you two Irishmen were there before me. Just wanted you to know... that when I was asked by NBC if I was the first ALS Warrior... I said "No... I'm just the first to return to Kona... There was another before me" ... and I told him about you. I don't know if they'll use it on telecast when they show the Ironman in December. But I thought I'd let you know... like I said before... you're here with me. NO ONE DOES THIS ALONE. And tomorrow morning... we tackle the Ironman together.

To the entire Duffy Family...

Thanks for all your support... you're amazing.

Brian Breen

"Crazy Irishman"

ALS Warrior

* * * * * * *

From: Tony Titone To: Brian Breen Subject: RE: tomorrow Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 20:57:17


On the eve of your big adventure I just want to let you know how proud I am of you. When you first said you were doing the Ironman, I thought cool, Breeze wants to prove something to himself. However, after hearing the story about the Blazeman my thoughts changed. This wasn't about Brian Breen anymore. It's about an extraordinary brave man who is vicariously running, what could be his last Ironman, through you...since you have introduced me to this story, my respect and admiration for you is like no other. In all of the battles I have encountered in my years of football I have never seen the dedication, determination or HEART displayed in one human being. This whole experience that you so graciously shared with me, has made me a better person from just being around you and hearing of the Blazeman. After you showed me that video in my office, that I had to excuse myself from, I went home and kissed my wife and held my two boys tighter than I have ever held them before. I took out my video camera and filmed them just running around my house. I cried. I was so grateful for my life and my family and friends that nothing else seemed to matter. I want to thank you and the Blazeman for opening my eyes wider and making me realize what life is truly about.

Tomorrow is yours and the Blazeman's day. Take it in. You have a lot on your shoulders...but you can handle it. Oou know what you need to do! Don't be afraid...your grandma and God are going to get you through this!!!! You have made me proud to be your friend, my family wishes you the best and I will be watching you cross that finish line...Good luck and God bless.

Go Team Blazeman...

You are a true Warrior Breeze!!!!


Tony Titone


Underpants Run Oath

I state your name solemnly swear that I will resist the temptation to wear the evil garment known commonly as: togs, scungies, bun huggers, plum smugglers, banana hammocks, crack splitters, butt floss, Speedos, etc., etc., etc. out side of swimming or racing.

I further promise to uphold the sanctity of the local's home of which I am a guest by frequenting public places in proper attire, obeying traffic laws, and being curteous at all times.This is a pledge as an Ironman - Veteran, 1st Timer or Wannabe.

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Blazeman with Paul Huddle & Roch Frey                   Blazeman with Jason... Tucson, AZ
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Blazeman's Dad...
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To Wage Your War On ALS… Your Tri-Gear Here

Blazeman with "The Grip" Mark Allen

Blazeman & Karen Smyers

Blazeman & Dad with "Hall of Famer" Bob Babbit

Team Breen Discussing The Future And "History" Of ALS...
Blazeman Meets "I Am Sarah" Reinertsen...

Jon's Gift To Kevin Mackinnon
Team Blazeman Gears Up For Kona...
Ironmanlife: Catching up with the Blazeman
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Come The Last Full Moon In October, 2006
Team Blazeman Returns To KONA, HI
The ALS Warrior Poet & Team Breen

12/16/05 SUBJECT: Blazeman

A couple weeks ago I caught some of the Hawaii Ironman coverage. I've never done a full length Ironman, but from teammate stories and my own experiences with shorter tri's, I've developed a healthy respect for the event. Of course, the race in Hawaii is a particularly big deal because it's brutal and it's very hard to qualify.

One of the competitors this year was Jonathan Blais, AKA Blazeman. A typical accomplished amateur, he's got the sort of record that garners respect among peers, but generally goes unnoticed by the rest of the world. So, why did the NBC crew think his race was so important that they dedicated a camera crew to following him? Blazeman has ALS.

Unless you've spent some time with an ALS patient, it's hard to comprehend how difficult this is. As the fine motor control deteriorates, the body becomes much less efficient. This, coupled with the fact that ALS also chews into your stamina makes Blazeman's finish one of the few athletic achievements that actually warrants the term "heroic".

I was thinking I should try to get in touch with the guy when out of the blue comes an e-mail from another ALS victim, Jamie Lee, who reads both of our sites. Long story short, Carol's been added to the list of "Warrior Poets" on Blazeman's website. Check it out for some inspiration stories from him and several other ALS victims.

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